Critical Journalism

  • “A Sanctuary Takes Shape, Framed Around Migrants,” New York Times, September 2, 2021, link Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 9.27.48 PM

Sanctuary clip

  • “A Sense of Continuity,” Purist Magazine, June, 2021
  • “Back to the Future: Susan + Robert Downey Jr.’s Sustainable Sanctuary,” (cover story) Purist Magazine, April, 2021, linkScreen Shot 2021-05-26 at 12.17.02 AM 
  • “Prouvé in Tijuana,” (conversation with Teddy Cruz, Fonna Forman, Robert Rubin), Gagosian Quarterly, Winter 2020 Link 

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 9.34.40 AM

  • Bungalow Colonies in the Sky,” (Eric Fischl & April Gornik studios), East Hampton Star, October 22, 2020 Link
  • “Light Fantastic,” Purist, August-September, 2020 Link 
  • “A Cut Above,” (Barnes Coy House,) Palm Springs Life, May/June 2020 Link

*Lo-Res Cover of Palm Springs Life mag. with photo of Barnes Coy's Owen House copy

  • “Douglas Thompson, Architect, A Remembrance,” East Hampton Star, January 1, 2020 Link
  • “Assembled in Light,” Purist, Winter 2019 Link
  • “Gimme Shelter: The Man Who Coined the Term ‘Spaceship Earth’ and His Influence on Utopian Outposts of the Radical 60s and 70s,” The Henry Ford Magazine, June-December, 2019. Link

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 12.36.04 AM

  • “Memoir: Strange Days,” East Magazine, (Happenings of the 1960s), June 2019
  • “Beach Dandy,” Purist, July 2019 Link
  • “The Barnes Coy Courtyard House,” East Hampton Star, August 27, 2019 Link 
  • “Wendell’s Castle: A Look Insides the Late Design Legend’s Eclectic Private Realm in Scottsville, New York,” Architectural Digest, April, 2018

Wendell's Castle (April 2018, AD)

  • “It’s Hard to Love a Mall” (Brickell City Centre, review), Miami Herald, May 14, 2017 Link
  • “Gardens are Philosophy Made Concrete”, (review of Mark Dion’s installation at the Kampong), Miami Herald, April 4, 2017. Link
  • “On Pinkness: The Pink House and its Secret Spatial Heart,” The Miami Rail, Issue 21, May 2017

On Pinkness, Miami Rail 2

  • “Is it a shop? A studio? Or a new kind of retail womb?”, (Moises Esquenazi’s studio in Wynwood),  Miami Herald, March 4, 2017. Link
  • “Drive-By Design”,  Miami Herald, December 18, 2016. Link
  • “Ground Zero’s New Transport Hub: Crash Landing or ‘Dove of Peace’?” Miami Herald, March 13, 2016.

Ground Zero Transport Hub, Miami Herald 2

  • “Grove at Grand Bay: Sustainable Urbanism”, (Bjarke Ingels), Miami Herald, October 20, 2016. Link
  • “Reflections on Zaha Hadid”, Miami Herald, April 1, 2016. Link
  • “Architecture Review: New South Beach Condo ‘GLASS’ is a Nuanced Celebration of Transparency”, Miami Herald, January 2, 2016. Link
  • “Jean Nouvel’s Reflection Machine,” (Monad Terrace, Miami Beach), Miami Herald, May 15, 2016

Jean Novel's Reflection Machine, Miami Herald 2

  • “Floating Refuge”, Brillhart House, Indulge Magazine, Miami Herald, (Art Basel Issue) December 2015.   Link

Floating Refuge (Brillhart), Miami Herald Mag.

  • “Condo Tower is a Powerful First Salvo in Miami Beach Faena Complex”, Miami Herald, November 6, 2015. Link
  • “Splendor in the Grass”, New FBI Building in Miramar FL by Krueck + Sexton, Miami Herald, September 27, 2015. Link
  • “Architects in South Florida Developing Affordable Housing Models,” Miami Herald, July 12, 2015. Link
  • “Alastair Gordon: Lincoln Road Mall on Miami Beach Has Always Been a Work in Progress,” Miami Herald, June 28, 2015. Link
  • “Dubai on Thames,” Design Anthology (Hong Kong), Issue #4, June 2015

Dubai on Thames

  • “Pritzker Prize for Architecture to be Bestowed on Late German in Miami Beach,” Alastair Gordon’s Skyline, Miami Herald, May 10, 2015. Link
  • “Could Miami be a Buoyant City After All?” Alastair Gordon’s Skyline, Miami Herald, March 22, 2015. Link
  • “High Anxiety: Has London Lost its Soul in the Shadows of Looming New Skyscrapers”, Travel & Leisure, March, 2015, p. 60. Link

High Anxiety (London), Travel & Leisure

  • “In Excess-Driven Miami, Design Gurus Should Take a Few Lessons from Nature,” Alastair Gordon’s Skyline, The Miami Herald, February 15, 2015. Link
  • “A Murmuration of Starlings: Alastair Gordon Wings His Way Around Art Basel and Design Miami,” The Architect’s Newspaper, January 15, 2015. Link
  • “Working all the Angles”, (Bruckner Loft, Tribeca), The New York Times, July 16, 2014. Link

Working all the Angles, July 17, 2014

  • “Buoyant City: Amsterdam,” Design Anthology (Hong Kong), Issue #2, January 2015.
  • “‘Fly’s Eyes’ are on Miami in Domed Sculptures by Buckminster Fuller”, Alastair Gordon’s Skyline, The Miami Herald, December 1, 2014. Link
  • “The New Atlantis: How Should Our Buildings Adapt to Florida’s Rising Sea Levels,” Sarasota Magazine, October, 2014. Link
  • “Getting Lost,” Wang Shu’s Campus in Hangzhou, China, Design Anthology (Hong Kong), Issue #2, September 2014.
  • “War Shelters, Short-Lived Yet Living On,” Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Deployment Units re-discovered at an abandoned military base in New Jersey, New York Times, December 31, 2013. Link

War Shelters, Short Lived (Bucky DDU's) 2

  • “The Art Of Permanence,” Orongo Station, New Zealand, Design Anthology (Hong Kong), Issue #1, April 2014. Link
  • “Herzog & de Meuron Brings a New Museum to Miami,” WSJ. Magazine, December 5, 2013. Link
  • “Plenoptic Fountainhead,” The Architect’s Newspaper, December 12, 2013. Link
  • “The Expansive Designs of Landscape Architect Thomas Woltz,” WSJ. Magazine, November 6, 2013. Link
  • “The Rise and Ruin of a Modernist Materpiece,” (Le Corbusier’s & Eileen Gray’s E.1027). WSJ. Magazine, August 19, 2013. Link

E.1027, Eileen Grey, WSJ.

  • “Back to the Future,” Buckminster Fuller’s 50-foot Fly’s Eye Dome erected in Toulouse, France, WSJ. Magazine, May 30, 2013. Link
  • “Welcome to the Jungle: How a 1950s Miami Box Was Transformed Into an Edenic Retreat Worthy of Gaugin,” (architecture & landscape by Raymond Jungles), Wall Street Journal, March 3-4, 2012. Link


  • “Famous Again: The Surprise Star of the Design Miami Fair was 78-Year-Old Wendell Castle, Who’s Been Honing His Craft for 50 Years,” WSJ. Magazine, August 25, 2011. Link

Famous Again, (Wendell Castle), AD

  • “The Court of Modernism,” Robert Rubin renovates the Maison de Verre, Paris, WSJ. Magazine, March 2011. Link



  • “Art in Residence,” Gian Enzo Sperone’s gallery and residence in Switzerland, WSJ. Magazine, November 2011. Link
  • “LSD Design: Architects Turn On,” Volume, (Archis, C-Lab, Columbia University), Issue #24, September 29, 2010.
  • “Rare Bird: Artist & Designer Michele Oka Doner Lets Herself Soar,” Town & Country, January, 2010.

Rare Bird (Michele Oka Doner), T&C 2

  • “Credit Swiss,” AG pays a visit to Herzog & De Meuron in their Basel studio, Switzerland, WSJ. Magazine, December 2008. Link


  • “Back to the Future,” post-nuclear fusion in the Gillis House by Bruce Goff,” Architectural Digest, October 2009. Link

Back to the Future, Bruce Goff, (Oct. 2009, AD)

  • “The Three P’s,” David Kleinberg remodels Manhattan penthouse for art collectors, Interior Design, September 2010. Link
  • Fuller Ascendent: Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe, Review of  Exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art (July-September, 2008), The Architect’s Newspaper, July 30, 2008. Link
  • “On Location: In Her Own World,” a visit with J. Morgan Puett at Mildred’s Lane Artists’ Complexity, PA, New York Times, May 29, 2008. Link

In Her Own World, NYT *** 2

  • “A Sod Story,” Smith and Thompson’s slow design of a sod-roofed garden folly/pool house in East Hampton, NY, Wall Street Journal, August 6, 2011. Link

A Sod Story, WSJ, Aug. 6, 2011

  • “Glass Menagerie,” City Center, Las Vegas, WSJ. Magazine, June 2010. Link
  • “Higher Ground,” Rosanne Haggerty and Common Ground, WSJ. Magazine, June 2010. Link
  • “True Green: Lessons from 1960s-70s Counterculture Architecture,” Architectural Record, April 2008. Link

True Green, Arch. Record 2

  • “LSD Design: Los Diseñadores y Arquitectos Rebeldes de los 60 Distorsionaron La Forma y El Espacio Para Forjar Una Arquitectura Vernácula,” Architectural Digest México, May 2008

LSD Design (May 2008, AD Mexico)

  • “Stretching Perception,” AG Interviews Paolo Antonelli about MoMA Exhibition: ‘Design and the Elastic Mind’, Interior Design, January 2008. Link
  • “Out of Africa, a House Fit for a Kit Bag,” unveiling Jean Prouvé’s Maison Tropicale in Presles, France, New York Times, July 1, 2004. Link

Out of Africa (Maison Tropicalee), NYT 2

  • “Remnant of Colonial Congo Gets New Life in France,” Le Monde, July 12, 2004

Remnant of Colonial Congo Gets New Life, Lee Monde

  • “Waves of Inspiration: Designed for Capturing Coastal Breezes, the 1951 Knott House (by Paul Rudolph) Emphasized Cool,” Architectural Digest, October 2007

Waves of Inspiration, Paul Rudolph (Oct. 2007, AD Mexico)

  • “Wild Green Yonder,” wild golf, Scotland, WSJ. Magazine, November 2010. Link
  • “Oscar Niemeyer Turns 102,” Wall Street Journal, December 16, 2009. Link
  • “La La Land,” Tom Kundig’s design for a king in Maui, WSJ. Magazine, May 2010. Link
  • “The Canyon Ranch,” James Cutler designs for the high desert of Oregon, WSJ. Magazine, December 2009. Link
  • “Maritime Modern: The California Iconoclast’s (Mark Mills) Unforgettable Far-A-Way on the Monterey Peninsula,” Architectural Digest, October 2009

Maritime Modern, Mark Mills, (Oct. 2009, AD)

  • “New Airport by Rafael Viñoly, Uruguay,” Wall Street Journal, December 11, 2009. Link
  • “Bright Spot: Kim Heirston & Richard Evans Renovate a Horace Gifford Beach House in  Bridgehampton, NY,” Town & Country, May 2009

Bright Spot (K. Heierston house), T&C 2

  • “House on the Hill: A Pacific Palisades Bachelor Pad by Richard Rogers,” Architectural Digest, March 2007. Link

House on the Hill, Richard Rogers, (March 2007, AD)

  • “House of Sand: The Architect’s (Philip Johnson)1951 Southampton Beach Villa Proposal for Henry Ford II,” Architectural Digest, October, 2007

House of Sand (AD)

  • “Peaceable Kingdom,” Review of Woodstock Exhibition at Bethel Woods Museum, I.D. Magazine, September 2008. Link
  • “Shoreline Respite,” East Hampton house by Barnes Coy Architects, Architectural Digest, October 2008. Link

Shoreline Respite, Barnes Coy, (Oct. 2008, AD)

  • “Design Notebook: Old University Incubates Next Wave Of Architects,” Aryan Sikkema, master planner, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, New York Times, April 26, 2000. Link

Old Uni NYT 2001 2

  • “Frank Lloyd Wright at the Guggenheim Museum,” review of exhibition, Wall Street Journal, August 20, 2009. Link
  • “Little Houses on the Prairie,” rolling huts by Tom Kundig, Mazama, Washington, WSJ. Magazine, December 2008. Link

Kundig, WSJ

  • “Design Notebook: Heavy Metal Jacket With a Luxe Lining,” Adam Kalkin’s foldaway container house,  New York Times, December 1, 2005. Link

Heavy Metal Jacket, Luxe Lining (Kalkin), NYT 2

  • “California Grass,” Mickey Muennig, Big Sur architect, WSJ. Magazine, August 2009. Link


  • “Futures Past: Knowledge Box Reborn,” Wall Street Journal, October 13, 2009. Link
  • “Sunshine Status,” Morris Lapidus house in Miami, April 2009. Link


  • “Kulture Vultures of the Cold War,” Wall Street Journal, August 22, 2009. Link
  • “The Remix, Waxing Brazilian: Why Modwernist Design Mavens are Flying Down to Rio,” T MagazineNew York Times, October 10, 2004. Link

Brazilian Modern, NYT Mag. 2

  • “In Old Austria, The Shock Of the New,” New York Times, May 30, 2002. Link

In Old World Vienna 2

  • “Deep in the Desert, No Longer Far Out,” Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri’s sustainable, non-automobile community in central Arizona, New York Times, July 26, 2001. Link

Deep in the Desert (Soleri), NYT

  • “Ode to a Beach House,” Charles Gwathmey Obituary, Wall Street Journal, August 14, 2009. Link
  • “Surfing the Skyline: Pushing the Envelope of Site-Specific Design High Above San Diego,” Architectural Digest, February 2008. Link 

(1) Surfing the Skyline (AD, Feb. 2008)

  • “Dark Nostalgia,” review of Eva Hagberg’s book, Wall Street Journal, November 15, 2009. Link
  • “The End of an Era: Recalling Robert Motherwell’s Landmark 1946 East Hampton Quonset Hut,” Architectural Digest, October 2007
  • Architectural Digest, October 2007, pg.1 copy 2
  • “The Penthouse has Landed,” Dwell Magazine, March, 2004. Link 
  • “In Vienna, ‘Matrix’ Meets ‘Sound Of Music,'” New York Times, May 29, 2003. Link

In Vienna, Matrix Meets Sound of Music, NYT 2

  • “Paul Rudolph in Florida,” Wall Street Journal, August 3, 2009. Link
  • “Hidden Value,” Camouflage House in Wisconsin, WSJ. Magazine, October 2008. Link
  • “Green Acres, One Piece at a Time,” New York Times, December 9, 2004. Link

Green Acres

  • “Absolutely Prefab,” Adam Kalkin’s shipping container house,  New York Times Magazine,  April 18, 2004. Link

PreFab, NY Times Mag,

  • “Google Shelter,” Wall Street Journal, August 19, 2009. Link
  • “Day 1, Coverage of Art Basel/Miami,” Wall Street Journal, December 1, 2009. Link
  • “Day 2, Coverage of Art Basel/Miami,” Wall Street Journal, December 2, 2009. Link
  • “Day 3, Coverage of Art Basel/Miami,” Wall Street Journal, December 3, 2009. Link
  • “Wrap-Up, Coverage of Art Basel/Miami,” Wall Street Journal, December 4, 2009. Link
  • “Matters of Design: Spaced-Out Spaces,” Interior Design, April 2008. Link

Spaced-Out Spaces, Int. Design, April 2008 2

  • “Designing for the Wild One: Maverick Malibu Architect Harry Gesner’s Bachelor Pads for Marlon Brando,” Architectural Digest, November, 2008

Designing for the Wild One (Nov. 2008, AD)

  • “The Dutch Take Manhattan,” Ben van Berkel’s new pavilion in Battery Park, Wall Street Journal, Sept. 11, 2009. Link
  • “What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been: How the Psychedelic Aesthetic Morphed from Mind-Blowing to Money-Making,” Interior Design, March 2007. Link

What a Long Strange Trip (Int. Des) composite

  • “The Home Stretched,” Aleksandra Kasuba’s amorphic dwellings, Dwell, May 2007. Link
  • “Blake Canvas,” Peter Blake’s artist-inspired houses on eastern Long Island, Dwell, June 2007. Link
  • “Light Box: Hamptons Beach House by Architect Steven Holl,” Town & Country, May 2007

Light Box (Steven Holl), Town & Country

  • “Absolutely Free,” Charles Harker’s Earth House, Dwell, July/August 2007. Link
  • “Making Manhattan An Island of Calm,” new gallery/residential complex in Chelsea by Smith & Thompson Architects, New York Times, November 18, 1999. Link

Making Manhattan an Island of Calm, NYT 2

  • “Design Notebook; Factory Fresh: Interstately Homes,” New York Times, April 1, 2004. Link
  • “Modernism Evolves Beyond the Glass Box,” Town & Country, January 2004

Beyond the Glass Box, T&C 2

  • “Urban Triage,” AG review of Groundswell: Constructing the Contemporary Landscape, exhibition at MoMA, NYC, Metropolis, June 2005. Link
  • “Airports: Terminally Hip (S’Envoyer en L’Air), En Route, May 2005

Terminally Hip - Airport Design, En Route, May 2005

  • “Pure Poetry: Christian Liaigre,” Town & Country, January 2005

Pure Poetry - C. Liagre T&C 2

  • “The Straight Lines That Came Full Circle,” Norman Jaffe’s earth-hugging houses,  New York Times, September 2, 2004. Link
  • “Ten Things You Should Know about Barbara Neski,” Dwell, July/August 2007. Link
  • “Design Notebook; Ward Bennett Made It Modern,” New York Times, August 21, 2003. Link

Ward Bennett Made It Modern, NYT 2

  • “Building on the Past,” Steven Harris renovates a Norman Jaffe house at Sam’s Creek, Bridgehampton, Interior Design, March 2007.  Link

Building on the Past (Jaffe), Int. Design 2

  • “Homage to Allan Kaprow,” father of the Happening,  The Wall Street Journal, October 1, 2009. Link
  • “Design Notebook; Invention Steps In Where Nature Neglects to Tread,” New York Times,July 4, 2002. Link

IMG_9983-preview 2

  • “Miami Nice,” formal gardens by Peter Wirtz for Ambassador Paul Cejas, WSJ. Magazine, September 9, 2010. Link
  • “Designing for the Dispossessed,” New York Times, August 28, 2003. Link
  • “Lapidus and the Genius of Lincoln Road,” The Wall Street Journal,  March 16, 2009. Link
  • “From Dockyard To Your Yard,” shipping container chic, New York Times, December 19, 2002. Link
  • “Putting The Fab In Prefab,” New York Times, September 26, 2002. Link

Putting the Fab in Prefab, NYT 2

  • “Where Bigger Was Better, Small Wonders,” New York Times, September 6, 2001. Link

Where Bigger was Better, NYT 2

  • “It Happened One Summer”, (Alan Kaprow and the happenings of 1966), Country Magazine, September, 2001.
  • “Raj Style Takes the Silk Road to the Suburbs,” New York Times, January 27, 2000.  Link
  • “Devils in the Details,” New York Times, December 9, 2004. Link
  • “A Slightly Immodest Proposal,” summer poetics of the outdoor shower, New York Times, August 8, 2002. Link
  • “Personal Business; As Work and Life Blur, Office Furniture Goes 24/7,” New York Times,September 2, 2001. Link
  • “The 10 Best Houses in the Hamptons,” New York Observer, May 2, 2001. Link
  • “Julian Neski, 76, Who Brought Modernism to Beach Houses,” obituary, New York Times,January 18, 2004. Link
  • “A Garden Vestige of the Paint-Splattered Past,” (Costantino & Ruth Nivola’s garden in Springs, East Hampton,NY) New York Times, March 1, 2001. Link

A Garden Vestige, NYT, March 1, 2001

  • “Seashore Gem, Lost Then Found,” New York Times, November 9, 2000. Link

Seashore Gem (Neski house)

  • “In Search of Fun Among the Dunes: Beachcombing with Architect Andrew Geller,” New York Times, July 22, 1999. Link

In Search of Fun Among the Dunes (A. Geller), NYT 2

  • “Frederic Schwartz; The Man Who Dared the City To Think Again,” New York Times,September 19, 2002. Link
  • “The Dome Gains Weight and Settles Down,” New York Times, January 11, 2007. Link
  • “Lifting the Curse: New Airport Design”, Condé Nast Traveler, April 1999.

Lifting the Curse, CD Traveler, 1999 2

  • “Shore Thing: Long Island’s 1960s Beach Houses,” Wallpaper, September, 1999
  • Shore Thing, Wallpaper
  • “An Architectural Peep Show: Buy It for the Centerfolds!” New York Observer, December 1, 1997. Link
  • “The New Guggenheim,” Atelier #789 (Tokyo), November, 1992.
  • “Louis Kahn: In the Realm of Architecture,” (review of exhibition at Museum of Modern Art, NYC), Atelier #789, (Tokyo), November, 1992.
  • “Prosperous Bohemia,” Country Magazine, Spring 1998.
  • “Back to the Future,” (restoration/expansion of the Guggenheim Museum by Gwathmey Siegel *Associates), Interiors, July, 1992.
  • “Techo-Pastoral”, (Bodini House, Millbrook, NY, Architect Pietro Cicognani), Elle Decor, June/July 1992.
  • “East Hampton: Utopia for Art,” Atelier, #787 (Tokyo), September, 1992.
  • “Art in Review: Glimpses of the World to Come,” New York Times, (Review of Future Systems exhibition at Storefront for Art & Architecture), June 5, 1992.
  • “Whitman and Victoria’s Secret,” East Hampton Star, June 25, 1992
  • “Rethinking Green Architecture,” Greenkeeping, Vol. 2, No. 2, May/June 1992.
  • “Small Wonder: Frederick Stelle, East Hampton Architect,” Home/Newsday, May 3, 1992.
  • “Simply Smashing: Susana Torre House, Amagansett,” Newsday, May 3, 1992.
  • “Plainly Speaking: Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects,” Newsday, March 8, 1992.
  • “Richard Serra, The Weight of Gravity,” Atelier (Tokyo), March 1992.
  • “Future Systems,” Reports #2/3 (Storefront for Art & Architecture), January, 1992.
  • “Architectural View: A Debate That Speaks Volumes About the French,” (review of Dominique Perrault’s Bibliotheque de France, Paris), New York Times, December 22, 1991.

A Debate that Speaks Volumes, NYT, Dec. 22, 1991

  • “New York’s Dark Underbelly,” New York Newsday, December 22, 1991.
  • “Architecture With a Capital ‘A’,” East Hampton Star, December 18, 1991.
  • “The Tokyo Forum,” (review of Rafael Vigñoly’s design), Atelier Magazine (Tokyo), December, 1991.
  • “Modernist Gardens & the Art of Roberto Burle Marx,” Atelier Magazine (Tokyo), September, 1991.
  • “A House Divided,” (Nagel & Lesser House, East Hampton), Newsday, August 11, 1991.
  • “Gazebos and Satellite Dishes,” Reports (Storefront for Art & Architecture), Summer, 1991.
  • “Soviet Photography Frames Alienation,” Newsday, (photo exhibition review) July 16, 1991.
  • “Mixing Stars, Stripes and Statements,” Newsday, July 10, 1991.
  • “Artistry in Residence,” Architectural Digest, July, 1991.
  • “Hamptons Galleries Open Disparate Shows,” Newsday, June 28, 1991.
  • “All Boats Don’t Float,” (Robert Venturi House in Glen Cove, NY), Newsday, June 23, 1991.
  • “Architecture: I Dream of Gehry,” Three Penny Review #46, Summer, 1991.
  • “Sculpture Hits Structural Notes,” (review of exhibition at Storm King Art Center), New York Newsday, June 20, 1991.
  • “Secrets, Surrealism Tucked Inside Boxes,” (exhibition review), Newsday, May 24, 1991.
  • “Putting Innovative Blueprints on a Pedestal,” (review of exhibition at Storefront for Art & Architecture), New York Newsday, May 31, 1991.
  • “Art-To-Art Talk,” Newsday, May 31, 1991.
  • “Elegant Minimalism,” (Peggy Deamer design, NYC), Newsday, May 26, 1991.
  • “No Simple Addition,” (Julian & Barbara Neski design an expansion of their iconic Chalif House, East Hampton), Newsday, May 19, 1991.
  • “Village Voice,” (William Merritt Chase and the Art Village of Southampton, NY), Art & Antiques, May 1991.
  • “Jan Wenner’s Norman Villa,” New York Newsday, May 5, 1991.
  • “Surreal Images on Gallery Walls,” Newsday, April 12, 1991.
  • “Island Artists’ Mixed Bag and Bright Spots,” (art review, Heckscher Museum), Newsday, March 29, 1991.
  • “Evolution of the American Porch,” East Hampton Star, March 28, 1991.
  • “Mixed Media and Messages,” Newsday, March 27, 1991.
  • “Architecture at 55 MPH,” Newsday Magazine, (cover story on flashy new buildings along the Long Island Expressway), March 24, 1991.

Architecture at 55 MPH, Newsday, 1991

  • “Review: Toughness and Harmony,” Newsday, March 15, 1991.
  • “Teaching Children the Basics of Architecture,” Newsday, March 13, 1991.
  • “Art Review: Catching the Light of East Hampton,” Newsday, February 20, 1991.
  • “Review: A Lifetime of Painting,” (Sam Glankoff at Victoria Monroe Gallery, NYC), Newsday, February 12, 1991.
  • “Architecture of Russia, But Only on Paper,” (Review of Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art), New York Newsday, July 11, 1990

Architecture of Russia, New York Newsday

  • “Review: Five Abstract Artists Amuse and Confuse,” Newsday, February 1, 1991.
  • “Review: Not-So-Commonplace Hangers Hook Collectors,” (The Art of Clothes Hangers, Ricco/Maresca Gallery, NYC), New York Newsday, January 31, 1991.
  • “Making the Right Moves,” (Keller House, Wainscott, NY), House Beautiful, March 1991.
  • “Bauhaus Barn Raising,” (Walter Gropius House, Lincoln, Mass.), Art & Antiques, January, 1991.
  • “Review: Old Frames as Art, Not Just Art Holders,” Newsday, January 4, 1991.

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